Excellent tips for people struggling with sleep

struggling with sleep
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For many people, sleeping soundly at night is like a distant, unachievable dream. If falling asleep at night is the biggest challenge of your life, we understand how helpless you might feel at times. Getting sufficient sleep at night is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. So, if you wake up several times at night and feel tired the next morning even after spending eight hours on bed, it’s time that you do something about it.

How to get undisturbed sleep every night?

Poor sleep affects our mood and can have adverse effects on our health. Long-term lack of sleep can even lead to serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Here are some natural remedies for insomniacs to fall asleep faster:

  1. Get new mattresses and pillows- Choosing the perfect mattress and pillows is mandatory to sleep well. Breathability, comfort, and support are the three things to consider while selecting a mattress. Replace pillows once in two years to enjoy the plump floating feeling.
  2. Alter the bedroom décor- Your bedroom is the time where you spend most of your time at home. So, it should feel like a paradise, a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Bring home some indoor plants and decorate the bedroom with light shades of curtains and sheets to induce drowsiness.
  3. Listen to soothing music- Pre-bed is an ideal time to listen to relaxing music. So, chill out, unwind, and drift off to sleep while listening to some of your favorite songs.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes- Get into breathable pajamas and loose-fitting uppers to sleep comfortably. Materials such as fleece, linen, sink, and cotton make the best sleepwear. Wearing constricting attires such as a tight t-shirt or pants having elastic waistbands is a bid ‘no’.
  5. Avoid using mobile phones before sleeping- The usage of a mobile phone before going to bed is one of the biggest enemies of sleep. Use an alarm clock to wake you up and keep the smartphone outside of your bedroom at night.
  6. Don’t rely on pills- Plenty of medicines are available to help people sleep at night. But, these only give temporary relief and you develop a dependence on pills over time. So, lifestyle interventions are the safest and most effective remedies for curing sleeping disorders.
  7. Read a book- Studies have revealed that people who read at night get better sleep. So, if you have trouble falling asleep, try this technique. Another advantage of regular reading is that you’ll become a knowledgeable person.
  8. Keep stress at bay- Your busy schedule and a long list of responsibilities might be keeping you awake at night. Happy people never bring work issues to home. Stress does not just ruin your personal life but also disturbs your sleep pattern. So, get rid of stress and you’ll notice improvements in various aspects of your life, including sleep.


Seven or eight hours of sleep is essential for adults to stay active and happy throughout the day. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and get ready to catch some extra ZZZs.

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