Golden rules to maintain a healthy pair of kidneys

healthy pair of kidneys
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Kidney diseases are like silent killers that vastly affect the life of the person. So, how healthy are your kidneys and what should you do to look after them? Simple lifestyle alterations are all you need to take care of your kidneys. Read the complete article to know all about kidney health.

Effective tips to have healthy kidneys:

There are several things that we can do to lessen the chances of having kidney ailments. Here are some great tips to ensure that your kidneys function properly:

  1. Eat kidney-friendly foods- Eating nutritious foods and saying ‘no’ to junk foods will work in favor of your overall wellbeing. Oily foods, spicy foods, and fast foods have adverse effects on the liver, heart, stomach, and hair. So, switch to green vegetables, juicy fruits, good fats, and protein diets for remaining fit and strong. Limiting the dependence on restaurant food or processed food will also keep salt intake in check.
  2. Be active- Staying active will prevent excess weight gain, keep the blood pressure in check, and also reduce risk of getting affected by a kidney disease. So, exercising for thirty minutes daily is a good idea. Activities such as cycling, walking, running, and swimming will also help your body and mind in multiple other ways.
  3. Increase fluid intake- Drinking enough water is a must to help the kidneys, liver, and heart function properly. Two or liters of fluid intake each day is sufficient for an adult. However, we have to mention that the right quantity of liquid intake for a person depends on several factors like climate, exercise, and health conditions.
  4. Get checked for diabetes- Most people find out they have diabetes after a long time. Regular check-ups will help doctors detect the condition at an early stage and prevent kidney damage due to it.
  5. Control blood pressure- Just like diabetes half of the people having high blood pressure don’t even know about it. So, middle aged individuals and senior citizens should check blood pressure frequently. If the blood pressure is extremely high, it can also have adverse effects on your kidneys.
  6. Reduce dependence on alcohol- Alcohol directly impacts the ability of our kidneys to regulate electrolytes and fluids in the body. It also decreases their capacity to filter blood. So, alcohol consumption should be in moderation for the sake of liver, heart, and kidneys.
  7. Go for kidney check-ups- It is a good idea to get kidneys checked occasionally to cure diseases at an early stage, if any. If you have any ‘high risk’ factor, getting the kidneys checked becomes even more essential. High risk factors include:
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Instances of kidney ailments in the family


The bean-shaped organs situated below our rib cage perform essential functions. They filter at least 120 quarts of our blood daily. Kidneys get rid of waste and regulate water. They also produce vital hormones. So, keeping them healthy is a must for your body to function accordingly.

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