Can making assumptions help in triggering off anxiety?

making assumptions help in triggering off anxiety?
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Whenever you make an assumption, what is it that you do? You actually tell yourself that something is true without you knowing any proof or evidence to support that the thing is true. It is too easy to lead a life without ever questioning that you’re actually assuming things to be facts when you don’t know what the fact is.

Do you want to know about few assumptions that you do at work?

  • Your boss doesn’t promote you at your job and you assume that you’re not too good at performing the job.
  • You tend to assume that majority of your colleagues are bad at heart and hence you fear to trust anyone whom you meet at your workplace.
  • Your partner stops being talkative with you and hence you assume that he or she is angry with you.
  • You assume that the metropolitan cities are dangerous for you and hence you decline the job offers which you get at the bigger cities
  • Your mother failed to assume your choices and hence you assume that she doesn’t love you.
  • A friend with 2 tickets to a movie asks someone else to accompany him and hence you think that your friend no longer loves you.

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Why should we make assumptions?

Have you ever wondered why we make such assumptions that gradually bring us to such a point that we become negative? To be honest about it, it is nothing that we enjoy but to an extent, assumptions base our decisions which we make. When there is an assumption about an impending disaster, this is the best guess about how one should feel about it.

What are the few steps that you should take in order to stop assuming and leading a positive life?

  1. Practice patience: What are the things that are scaring you out of your wits? They will never leave you when you want them to. When you question your assumption, you need to be patient about it. You can’t jump to conclusions as this can often take several minutes.
  2. Awareness: You need to be aware that whenever you’re switching from the normal you to the panicking you, you’re actually assuming things. You can then question the feasibility of the assumption and stop it then and there.

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