Disadvantages of excess of yoga in daily life

What are the disadvantages of excess of yoga
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Yoga is the best thing to keep your body as well as mind healthy. It is literally the best therapy that everyone can get by themselves only. People are crazy about yoga and devoting their whole life for it. After all, the results are so positive. Yet, doing lots of yoga in daily life can cause some serious problems. These problems may be related to your health. Let’s discuss those problems here so that you can take care of yourself in such situations.

  • Chances of injury

If you do lots of yoga than the chances of injuries increases a lot. If you are giving extra time to yoga then you will definitely take rest in between. Because it is not possible for a human to do this type of activity for continuous hours. When you do yoga after taking rest your body as well as muscled relaxes at that time. And when suddenly you do yoga chances of injuries increases. Because ideally you have to warm up your body little before yoga. It will lead to some serious cramps or injuries as well.

  • Age restrictions

There are different types of yoga for every age group. For example people who are into their 20’s or 30’s must go for some physical yoga. It help in building strength. On the other hand people above 40 must go for mental peace yoga. There are different aasanas for this. If old people try to do the yoga poses of young people then definitely they will face problems. It may be related to their health. Risk of injuries is also there. So do hire an expert before doing yoga as a beginner.

  • Health diseases

There are people with some diseases that do not support the yoga. However, yoga can cure any type of disease and give a mental peace to the patient. But overdoing of anything is not right. For example a diabetes patient cannot do yoga for more than a hour. One hour is also maximum case for them. Because if they try to cross the barrier then it may cause over exhaustion to them. They will feel tired instead of fresh and calm. Same goes foe patients with heart diseases. However, there are several separate yoga poses for such people. Still crossing of limit is always very harmful.

These are the three major disadvantages of doing yoga. Yoga is like natural remedy for all the pain but there are some conditions as well. Also nothing is completely right in this world. Still yoga is 99.9 percent perfect in every case. However the major problem in yoga is over practice. Never over practice with anything because it will make you feel tired and over exhausted. Take yoga in a positive way and it will also give you positive results. From your mental stree to physical pain yoga has medicine for everything.

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