Dos and don’ts of plastic surgery – Things to follow

Dos and don’ts of plastic surgery – Things to follow
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The fear of the unknown is the toughest part of undergoing plastic surgery. When you ask a team of cosmetic surgeons about their biggest challenge, we usually find them telling that their biggest responsibility is to ensure that each patient knows what they should expect from the surgery. This is a role which is based on the years of experience and hence we have gathered few dos and don’ts of plastic surgery which should be taken into account by anyone who is all set to undergo the surgery.

You may take a look at so that you are able to know more on the best cosmetic surgeons who are waiting to help you mend your body parts and transform them according to your wish. Here are few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Do a complete physical test

Before you think of going under the knife, it is vital for you to review the total medical history and also have all sorts of physical tests done by your doctor. You should definitely get their independent opinion on whether or not you’re healthy enough to undergo the cosmetic surgery.

Do be watchful while taking a shower post surgery

Before the night of the surgery, don’t forget to take a shower. When you wash your body with soap, this reduces the level of bacteria on your skin and also reduces risk of infection. The day after the surgery is crucial and you should take a gentle shower as the site of incision should be kept dry and clean. Never scrub the place.

Do use ice as per instructions

You might feel the pain of the surgery few days after the surgery and applying an ice bag will certainly be a good option to reduce irritation, swelling and bruising. If you’ve had fat graft injections, don’t use ice as it reduces fat survival.

Don’t smoke post surgery

The drugs and chemicals found in tobacco reduce oxygenation of skin and also the blood flow. This will hinder the healing process and will also boost the risk of skin loss. It also increases the likelihood of scarring.

Don’t tan the scars

You should take whatever steps required to minimize the level of scars and tanning will never help you do so. If you go around the sun, tanning will lead to discoloration of the skin and this will make the scars more noticeable.

Therefore, now that you know the dos and don’ts of plastic surgery, you should always stay on the top of your health by following the and by recovering as soon as possible.

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