What are the Negative Side effects of losing weight too much too soon?

Side effects of losing weight
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Staying in shape is something almost all of us crave for. However, modern day lifestyle and food choices have made that very difficult. In spite of that, in order to achieve the perfect figure a lot of people start taking drastic measures- starting from special diet to spending lots of hours at the gym. As a result, a large number of people lose too much weight in a short period of time. Unfortunately, what most of the people tend to ignore is the fact that losing too much weight suddenly has several negative side effects.

Some such negative side effects are-

  • Excessive Hair fall:

Hair fall on a daily basis is a normal incident. However, the rate of hair fall might increase due to the excessive loss of body weight. This mainly happens to the diets people follow for losing weight. In most cases these diets lack nutrients like iron, zinc etc. Apart from that, due to the low calorie intake the hair does not get necessary proteins for growing.

  • Misbalanced electrolytes:

The imbalance of the electrolytes is one of the scariest things that can happen due to the excessive loss of weight. Due to the weight loss within a small gap of time, the number of natural elements in the body change rapidly. As a result, one may experience electrolyte disorder. The symptoms can vary from irregular heartbeats to weakness of the muscles.

  • Restlessness:

As a result of rapid weight loss, restlessness may grow inside the body as well. This happens mainly because of the change of diet where the body takes lesser energy than required. Many may experience feeling cold and rapid mood swings too. It is true that for people suffering from obesity, low calorie diets are considered to be good options. However, in such cases, the whole process should be properly supervised through constant medical diagnosis.

  • Drop of energy level:

The drop of energy level mainly happens due to the low calorie intakes in the body. Apart from that, due to the excessive workout sessions the body tends to lose its calories way too soon and the energy level drops along with it. In this way, due to the excessive weight loss in a slow time period, people might start feeling sluggish and low on energy.

  • Problems with the menstrual cycle:

Women tend to face even an extra problem if they lose weight too much too fast. The menstrual cycle in case of women gets abnormal. In fact, they lose their period. This happens mainly due to the additional stress that the loss of weight puts on the body. In this condition, the body starves hormonally and as a result the menstrual cycle faces problems.

  • Loss of muscle mass:

Sometimes, being desperate people try several methods together to lose fat. However, sometimes, the body does not lose fat rather it loses the mass of the muscles. This happens because the body starts to treat the muscles as the fuel.

So, these are the negative side effects of losing too much weight suddenly. People should keep this in mind while starting with the diet.

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