Most effective yoga poses for increasing core strength

Most effective yoga poses
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The advantages of strengthening our core are endless. The core protects our back and helps us maintain a good posture. It also gives overall stability and strength to the entire body. If you want to work on your core strength, exercising is the best way to do that. However, you need to know which exercises will be most beneficial. So, read the complete article to learn the five yoga ‘asanas’ that focus on building core strength.

5 yoga asanas to work on your core strength

Boat pose

Navasana or boat pose is a classic pose in yoga for gaining core strength. It makes the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles flexible. The hip flexors have attachments on the femur, pelvis, and lumbar spine. So, if you have strong hip flexors, you give support to the spine and it also has positive effects on your overall core strength.

Cosmic Egg Pose

Yes, cosmic egg pose is the name of the next yoga pose. This is a good pose to warm up the body and bring awareness to the core. You might find it easy in the beginning, but focus on your breathing technique and you’ll notice how it becomes challenging.

Variation: To make the workout more intense, stretch arms out to the sides on the floor.

Forearm Plank

Before typing forearm plank, you need to practice the plank pose for a few days. It might appear difficult initially but keep pushing yourself. Nothing beats the forearm plank when it comes to testing and building up endurance. In any core strength workout devoting time and attention to the lower back is crucial.

Plank Pose

Plank is one of the favorite poses for people who practice yoga regularly. This pose tones and strengthens the entire body, mainly the shoulders, the back, and the abdominals.

Variation: For best results, include Mountain Climbers.

Fallen Triangle and Leg Lift

Are you ready to fire up your oblique muscles with the right yoga pose? Then you have to include the ‘fallen triangle’ pose in your everyday practice.

Instruction for doing it:

  • Face downward
  • Crunch the right knee inwards close to the chest
  • Pivot towards left and bring the left heel
  • Don’t let the butt stick out or the hips sag
  • Straighten your right leg and place the right foot on your mat. You can also lift up if you seek more intensity
  • Remain in that position for 30 seconds on each side

Enjoy a strong core!

All those who stay dedicated find the process of enhancing core strength quite rewarding. The biggest advantage is that the benefits of it surpass the bodily expectations. Yes, you feel fitter and can hold poses for several minutes, but while doing so, you also contribute to your mental stamina.

The real change takes place during the last 10 seconds when you constantly remind yourself that you can do it. So, the most remarkable benefit of doing the above-mentioned exercises is that they better mental health.

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