Yoga: the best friend of your mental health

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People who practice yoga devotedly have acknowledged that it improves mental health. It calms down the mind, improves concentration, and keeps us happy. If you have practiced yoga before, you must have noticed such positive changes in your body and mind. If you have never tried yoga and want to know how it benefits mental health, this article is for you. We’ll discuss in detail how yoga cures several mental ailments such as anxiety, depressive disorders, and stress.

Deep connection between mental well-being and yoga

As we grow, our responsibilities keep increasing. With responsibilities come stress and worries. While trying hard to balance between a demanding job and a family life, it is natural to feel despondent at times. Instead of taking medicines to fight depression, there are excellent natural ways to deal with mental illnesses. Yoga is one of the most effective natural remedies that has great effects on our physical health as well.

  • Anxiety and depression

Yoga, with its purposeful movements and breathing techniques, frees our minds. The ‘asanas’ are not simply bodily exercises but have deeper long-lasting impacts. So, if you have been feeling low lately, switch to yoga. Make some time for yourself in spite of a tight schedule because you deserve it. The discomfort or hyper-arousal of physical sensations like tightness in the throat and sweaty palms will reduce by yoga practice. You’ll also be able to get rid of lethargy and unproductiveness associated with anxiety and depression. This will make it easy for you to participate in social gatherings and nurture intimate relationships.

  • Stress reduction

Stress is one of the biggest epidemics of modern society. It hampers our digestive system, causes insomnia, makes us irritable, and stands in the path of our happiness. Yoga is a soothing technique that quiets down and tames the mind. Studies have revealed that it lessens the secretion of stress hormones in our body, thus giving us instant relief.  It will also alter your response to stress and you’ll notice a remarkable change in a few months. So, embrace yoga and allow yourself to heal.

  • Trauma

Traumatic experiences are extremely dark, scary, and heart-wrenching for people who go through them. Such experiences consistently pervade the body and the mind. Over time, it takes the shape of a deep-rooted fear, resulting in a partial or complete shutdown of both the body and the mind. Yoga as a healthy practice allows individuals to come to terms with unpleasant past experiences and overcome trauma.

The best ‘asanas’ for mental satisfaction:

  1. Shavasana- All you need to do is lie flat on the back with hands on both sides and palms faced upwards.
  2. Uttanasana- Daily practice of this asana relieves worries.
  3. Viparita Karani- This is another anxiety-alleviating pose you must try.


Now that you have learned about the amazing mental health benefits of doing yoga, what are you waiting for? Start practicing now and keep negative thoughts at bay for the rest of your life. Remember that taking care of our mental wellness is as significant as developing our physical strength.

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