Eight tips for women to stay healthy as your approach 40

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Other than the grey hair there are deeper changes in the female body as we approach 40. Even if you feel fabulous from the outside, your body undergoes subtle transformation and these changes have an impact on your overall health for the next decade. But, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will slow down the process of aging and allow you to pursue your dreams. Let us unravel the secret to women’s health during her 40s.

Healthy habits 40-plus women should practice:

Here is a list of guidelines that you should follow to remain fit and happy throughout your forties.

  1. Never skip breakfast- The rate of metabolism in the female body reduces by 2 percent every decade. So, eating well in the morning is essential. In the morning, our metabolism is at its peak, and therefore, eating a heavy breakfast will fuel your activities throughout the day.
  2. Increase protein intake- Regular intake of protein will prevent your muscles from sagging. Include eggs, fish, and lean meat in your diet to keep depression and low moods at bay.
  3. Exercise daily- Thirty minutes of daily exercise will help you stay fitter, energetic and lessen the chances of several health issues. You do not have to get a gym membership for this. Swimming, walking, cycling, practicing yoga, and aerobics are some great options.
  4. Manage stress- Stress is the biggest enemy of your mental and physical wellness. It is challenging for women to balance between job and family. So, meditate, sleep well, and take occasional breaks to decrease stress.
  5. Take vitamin D and calcium- Keeping your bones strong should be one of your priorities in your early forties. You need calcium and vitamin D capsules as milk fails to provide all the calcium to the body.
  6. Schedule health check-ups- Delaying regular check-ups is definitely a bad idea, even more so when you are 40-plus. You need to tick off the basic checks like blood pressure, thyroid, oral problems, cholesterol, and eye test once a year.
  7. Spend time with friends- Make sure that you meet your friends over coffee or dinner and not just on Whatsapp or Facebook. A satisfying social life means less chance of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. So, invite your best pals for dinner or plan a short trip to the beaches.
  8. Invest in your romantic relationship- If you feel that your relationship lacks the fire and the intimacy it had in the first few years, you can bring that back. Recreate those beautiful days by being experimental and adventurous. Lovemaking should not feel like a chore, definitely not in your forties. So, plan exciting things with your partner like ballroom dancing, couples yoga, date nights etc. and get ready to relieve your early twenties once again.


Forties is the time you should devote to fulfilling all your dreams that you never had the chance to. It is also the best phase of your life to gain financial stability and travel frequently. So, do whatever makes you happy and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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