Negative Effects of Alcohol on the daily Fitness

Negative Effects of Alcohol
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One of the many wrong notions about fitness is that exercising on a regular basis can help to stay fit in healthy. The truth is, gaining fitness is a slow and gradual process and our overall lifestyle is responsible for that. Everything we consume from food to drinks leaves a mark on our body. Be it a plate full of deserts or a glass of alcohol- everything has an impact on the body. However, the impacts of alcohol on the body are extremely harmful.

Here are the ill effects of alcohol on fitness-

  • On Workouts:

Hydration of the body is directly associated with the drinks we consume. Alcohol, on the other hand, leads towards acute loss of bodily water. The body fails to absorb water just like other fluids. Due to this, drinking alcohol leads towards a dehydrated body. The positive results of workouts get reduced by a certain extent when the percentage of dehydration of the body is more than two percent. That is why; drinking alcohol is one of the main obstacles on the pathway of remaining fit.

  • Alcohol tampers with the metabolism process:

The regular metabolism process of the body involves the process where the body tries to metabolize anything that is consumed. When a toxin like alcohol enters the body, clearly it does not get neutralized easily and the liver takes extra pressure for this. During this whole process, the body loses glycogen and carbohydrate. So, the metabolism process gets tampered and the body becomes devoid of sugar, which leads towards poor fitness.

  • Alcohol effects in muscle recovery:

Alcohol, if consumed, in the absence of enough amounts of food and water in the body, can lead towards dehydration and a slow muscle recovery process. In such a state a long run or exercise may leave a negative impact on the body. So, before starting on the exercise routine the body needs to be recovered. However, one of the major effects of alcohol on the body is that not only it wrongly affects the hydration of the body but it also makes the whole process of muscle recovery slow. As the body works as a unit, organs like the liver, kidneys and the whole digestive system get engaged in the process of neutralizing the alcohol. All of this leads towards the slow recovery process of the body.

  • Effects on the health:

When it comes to alcohol, listing down the ill effects of it on the body and the overall fitness is impossible. The fact is that alcohol is extremely bad for the health of the body. There are several ill effects of alcohol on the health-

  • It compromises with the sleeping schedule
  • It negatively impacts the REM or the rapid eye movement sleep
  • Increases the risks of having a poor heart condition
  • It increases the chances of having diabetes

An unhealthy body leads to the loss of bodily fitness.

To sum up, it is not necessary to leave alcohol altogether to stay fit and healthy. However, one should remember the ill effects of alcohol on health and bodily fitness while drinking.

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