What are the ways of staying fit during menopause?

staying fit during menopause
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A woman’s body goes through several changes throughout her lifetime. From the time of the first period to when the period stops, the body of a woman goes through several changes. Menopause is one such very important phase in a woman’s life when the body goes through another transition.

There are several problems that a woman can face during menopause. They are-

  • Weight gain: The menstrual cycle keeps the body of the woman in a shape. On the other hand, when that cycle ends, women tend to gain more weight- especially around the abdomen.
  • Introduction of diseases: The end of the menstrual cycle or menopause introduces several diseases to the body. Chances of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes tend to increase from this period.
  • Weakening of the bones: Women tend to lose the strength of the bones after menopause. Chances of fractures and osteoporosis also increase.

Apart from all these, women go through several other problems like constant mood swings, hot flashes, etc. during this period. So, as it seems, it is quite difficult to stay fit and healthy during menopause.

However, there are a few habits and tips that can be used during this time in order to stay fit and healthy. The symptoms of menopause can also get controlled by following these tips-

  • Aerobic exercises:

As mentioned earlier, gaining weight is a common tendency among women during menopause. Exercising can help with this problem. Especially, maintaining a daily routine of aerobic exercises can help to stay fit and stop the process of gaining excess weight. Some such exercises are-

  • Jogging
  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics etc.

Maintaining a schedule for these exercises for at least ten minutes, in the beginning, can help stay fit and keep a healthy weight during menopause.

  • Strength training:

Menopause tampers with the strength of the body, bones, and muscles. That is why; in order to stay strong strength training is important. One may get their hands on the weight machines or handheld weights for this purpose. However, one should not stress the muscles too much in the beginning. The weights and the times of the exercises should only be increased gradually with time.

  • Stretching:

Stretching is another important thing that needs to be included in the fitness routine during menopause. It makes the body and the muscles more flexible. The best time to stretch is after the workout sessions.

  • Balance exercises:

Balance exercises are important for gaining stability. One may start with the simple ones like standing on one leg for instance.

However, one should not start with bigger goals than themselves. The goals should be small and achievable. Getting a team or forming a group can help in the process of staying motivated and not giving in menopausal depression.

All these tips are really helpful for staying fit and healthy during menopause. Exercising and implementing these practices in life can help to deal with the problems and symptoms that arise during menopause.

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