Reasons why beer may not be bad for your health

Is beer really bad for you
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Haven’t we heard a million times from our parents that drinking beer is bad for our health? If you too believe in this we are about to prove you wrong. Studies have revealed that drinking beer once in a while has several benefits on our health. But, this doesn’t mean we are encouraging teetotalers or people with serious health conditions to start drinking beer.

Is beer really bad for you?

Are you curious to know about the amazing advantages of drinking beer (occasionally)? Research has proven that moderate beer consumption strengthens bones, lessens chances of heart ailments, and has several other health advantages.

  1. Made of natural ingredients- Let the ignorant tell you that beer contains preservatives and additives. The truth is that only natural ingredients are used to prepare it, just like milk or orange juice. It doesn’t require preservatives as there is alcohol in it. However, the percentage of alcohol is extremely low.
  2. Has zero fat- As beer is a natural beverage, it is an excellent low-calorie and low-carbohydrates option. Water, black coffee, and plain tea, and other natural drinks have fewer calories compared to beer. Also, it has no cholesterol or fat. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. Is good for mental wellness- The social aspects of drinking (within limits) are undeniable. Beer helps us forget about our worries for some time and chill with friends. So, it is also good for mental wellbeing as it kills depression.
  4. Fights cancer- Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that fights cancer-causing agents. If you are wondering where you can get xanthohumol, beer is the answer.
  5. Contains B vitamins- No matter what the anti-alcohol agencies say, lightly filtered or unfiltered beer is quite nutritious. It is a source of B vitamins, mainly folic acid. Soluble fiber is also present in beer.
  6. Improves cholesterol- As beer does not have cholesterol, it improves cholesterol in our body. So, beer will help you keep bad cholesterol in check by power-flushing your system. One bottle of beer boosts HDL by nearly 4 percent.
  7. Can substitute water (conditions applied)- In many places where the water is unsafe for drinking, beer comes to your rescue. It is boiled during brewing and sealed in a container, preventing the entry of germs.
  8. Takes care of your heart- As beer has folic acid it acts as a shield for the heart, reducing risks of attacks. This fact has also been validated by medical scientists.
  9. Promotes long life- Beer drinkers have been found to live a long life. Just as excessive consumption of alcohol ruins your health, not drinking beer at all is also not a great idea. Moderate drinkers are healthier than drunkards or people who don’t touch alcohol.


We may conclude by saying that beer softens the temper, prevents cancer, and lifts our spirit. It is absolutely fine to chill with your friends and have a beer party sometimes. The only thing that you need to remember is that don’t make drinking a daily occurrence.

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