5 Superfoods to boost a healthy diet

Doubtlessly, there is no single food that can provide all the nutrition and health benefits that you require for nourishing yourselves. As per the US Dietary guidelines 2015-2020, a preferable healthy eating pattern includes the combination of healthy choices from all the food groups- while focusing on calorie limits. 

There are specific foods choices that you can consider for boosting a healthy diet. Along with it, here comes the list of those foods: 

  • Berries

These are rich in fiber and sweet in taste. Berries have anti-oxidant properties including the diseases-fighting nutrients. In the out of season, you can purchase frozen berries. After that, make a combination of yogurt and cereal with berries. Further, make the smoothies to get plenty of benefits. 

  • Fish 

Another food you need to add is fish to your diet plan. It can be an ideal source of protein including omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent heart diseases. Frozen fishes are easily available in the market. You have the option of salmon, steaks, mackerel, trout, and so on. These are highly rich in omega-3 content. 

  • Leafy greens 

Leaf greens fulfill the requirements of Vitamin A, calcium, and Vitamin C including various phytochemicals. These chemicals are made by plants and have a great impact on health. Adding leafy green vegetables is like adding fiber into your diet. You can buy spinach, Kale, mustard greens, and many more.

  • Nuts

You cannot deny the fact that nuts are a great source of plant protein and consist of monounsaturated fats that are essential factors to lessen the risk of heart disease. You have the option of walnuts, Hazelnuts, almonds, and so on. You can have nuts as snacks. Keep the one thing in your mind that these are calorically dense so eat in a limited amount. 

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium including proteins. It also consists of live cultures known as probiotics. These bacteria come under the category of good bacteria which protects your body from other harmful bacteria. If you do not like plain yogurt, you can consider fruited or flavored yogurt that consists of added sugar. Besides this, you can buy plain yogurt and add fruits to it. 

Aside from these foods, you have the option of: 

  • Legumes
  • Tomatoes
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Olive oil and so on

All of these foods are easily available in the market or you can purchase them from supermarkets. You will get immense benefits from these foods.

Final Verdicts

So these are five superfoods that you must add to your healthy diet plan. You can easily keep yourself fit and healthy with the consumption of the above-mentioned healthy foods. Besides this, you can also take guidance from your dietician.

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