How can ‘yoga’ make your sex life more passionate and pleasurable?

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Lovemaking can be liberating and soul-satisfying for people who enjoy doing it. If sex feels like a chore, you definitely need to do something about it. Yoga can be of great help for people struggling with intimacy. Curious to find out how the ‘asanas’ you practice on the mat directly better your performance in the bedroom? Keep reading the complete article to know all about the deep connection between yoga and sex.

Yoga helps us become intimate

Yoga is not simply an ‘asana’ practice. It is the harmonious association between moon and sun, yang and yin, female and male. Yoga helps us become one with the divine. We elevate ourselves by balancing the energies within us. Similarly, good sex is not just the coming together of two bodies, but the divine union of two souls to a point where you forget where one ends and the other begins. So, yoga helps us gain the perspective that nothing is separate in this world, including your partner and you.

Yoga spices up things in the bedroom

Sex is fun when both people have flexibility and stamina. Since yoga increases core strength, you feel active and agile throughout the day. Even you can impress your ‘dear one’ in bed with your killer moves and make him/her fall in love with you all over again. So, keep doing yoga, bid adieu to lousy sex, and try some hot positions with your lover.

Yoga increases sex drive

A person’s sex drive and sexual vitality depend on the content of ‘Ojas in blood. People with low Ojas have a weak immune system, lowers sex drive, and early aging. Foods like water chestnuts and sweet potatoes and yoga poses such as Kundalini Frog Squats boosts ‘ojas’ to a great extent and increases desire.

Yoga awakens our senses

Life is incredibly pleasurable if we have the eyes to see it and the goodness to appreciate it. Every moment or experience is replete with chances for intimacy- the fragrance of flowers, the taste of wine, the flight of birds, the falling of snow, and the list is unending. Through yoga practice, we nourish the senses and allow them to become more alive. So, we are blessed with the potential to feel beauty in everything around us, also sex.

Yoga makes you a giver

If we want natural intimacy, we need to slow down and embrace our partner. In lovemaking, moving slowly is the key to ultimate satisfaction. Otherwise, we may end up objectifying the other person for selfish self-gratification. Regular meditation and yoga teach us to slow down and develop gratitude and reverence for the pleasures of movement and touch.


Now that you have learned how yoga widens the path to passionate and intimate lovemaking, what are you waiting for? Say ‘yes to yoga and you’ll also notice positive changes in your overall flexibility, core strength, and sex life. You can even practice yoga with your partner to establish a deeper, more meaningful bond.

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